Pearl Millet



Pearl millet is a widely grown rainfed cereal crop in the arid and semiarid regions and it is most widely grown type of millet
Pearl millet is grown under intensive cultivation as a forage crop in many countries and it is an important grain crop, especially in areas where drought is common
Trials in India have shown that pearl millet is nutritionally superior for human growth when compared to maize and rice
Pearl millet is a crop of hot and dry climates and can be grown in areas where rainfall is not sufficient and so often referred to as the “Camel”, because of its exceptional ability to tolerate drought
Because of its tolerance to difficult growing conditions such as drought, low soil fertility and high temperature, it can be grown in areas where other cereal crops, such as maize or wheat would not survive
Pearl Millet has the potential to spread to more semi-arid zones of the world as it responds very favorably to slight improvements in growing conditions such as irrigation and tillage


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